December 2019

Introducing Natural Beauty Product In The Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil For A Career Woman

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Virgin coconut oil can make our skin beautiful and smooth. The contents of virgin coconut oil are triglycerides and omega-three. That nutrition gives the keeping of smooth skin. It is the natural beauty products that can be used as the benefits of virgin coconut oil for a career woman.

1. We Can Use Virgin Coconut Oil For A Body Scrub
To make a natural body scrub, we can make a natural scrub from the mixing of virgin coconut oil, brown sugar, and salt. After mix all the ingredients, we can stir it well. Before we take a bath, we can use this scrub. Spread the scrub in our bodies. Massage our body with this scrub slowly. To get a clean body, we should

2. Using Virgin Coconut Oil As Evening Oil
We can make evening oil every night. Before we go to sleep, we can make it before sleep. The way to apply this is easy. We can spread evening oil on our faces. Massage our face slowly till we feel relax. When we massage our face, we can mix it with aloe vera, and the other natural ingredients. We can not only apply for our face but also our bodies. After using it, we can go to sleep. Our skin will be straight and glow tomorrow morning.

3. Coconut Oil For The Massaging Oil
We should not go to a beauty spa therapist to make relaxation for our bodies. To find this solution, we can make a simple spa in our home with the benefit of virgin coconut oil. Mixing virgin coconut and the essential oil to make a formula for a beautiful spa. We can choose the essential oil that makes our body relax, such as lemongrass, lavender, green tea or jasmine. Virgin coconut oil can give positive energy to our minds. Besides, it can make our body more healthy.

4. Using Virgin Coconut Oil For Make-Up Remover
Pouring some drops of virgin coconut oil in the cotton. We can use this application to get the benefits of virgin coconut oil for a career woman. After pouring virgin coconut oil in the cotton, we can wipe this cotton in our face. To make our face skin more health and beauty, we can apply this virgin coconut oil every night. We can remove our make up before sleep. Besides, we can try this step after back home from the office.

5. Virgin Coconut Oil Can Remove Our Wrinkle In Our Face
The last benefit of virgin coconut oil is using as the natural anti-aging serum. To apply this serum, we can pour four drops of virgin coconut oil in our hands. Wipe both of our two hands then spread this oil in our face. After taking a little oil in my hand, we can use it as the massage oil to remove the wrinkle on our face. We should spread on the wrinkle area in our face, such as the chin, eyes, and neck.
Within five benefits of virgin coconut oil above, we can make beauty treatment in our home.