Virgin Coconut Oil
Without chemicals
High quality oil .....!

Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% pure organic, extracted from coconut meat which is processed without heating and without chemical content. VCO is an excellent source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) in the world !

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Sinar Nias, UD is a small scale enterprise established since 2007, two years after the earthquake and tsunami that hit Aceh and Nias island on March 15, 2005, which resulted in more than 1,000 deaths and more than 2,391 people were injured. Nias Island or called Tano Niha is located between 0° 12' - 1° 32' North Latitude (NL) and 97° - 98° East Longitude (EL) to the west of Sumatra Island and directly borders to the Indian Strait, having an area of 5,625 km² (562,500 ha) and a population of nearly 900,000. This island has important tourist attractions such as surfing, traditional houses, diving, stone-jumping.

Sinar Nias, UD produce pure coconut oil as well known with namely Virgin Coconuts Oil - VCO and also coconut bath soap. Sinar Nias, UD located down hill of Sitoli in Nias islands of North Sumatera province - Indonesia.

Our Mission

1. Improving the welfare of coconut farmers, coconut plantation workers and offer jobs for housewives and unemployed on the island of Nias.
2. Campaigning to the public about the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil - VCO for health and natural lifestyles.
3. Protect coconut farmers from the clutches of middlemen and intervention to the price of coconuts in the domestic market.
4. Increase community creativity for handicraft products of coconut, such as coconut cakes, dried snacks, handicrafts from shell, leaves, sticks, coconut trunks.
5. Making the island of Nias as an agro-maritime tourist destination and integrated coconut industrries zone.

Our vision

to be become the best company who processing of Virgin Coconut Oil - VCO and its derivatives are professionally hygienic and healthy.

The Centrifuge Process Methode of Virgin Coconut Oil

KEY Process VCO

Pressing Process

Putting grated coconut into press machine

Filtering Process

Pouring coconut milk into the filter machine

Sedimentation Process

Sediment coconut milk into stainless steel barrels about 3-5 hours

Separated Process

After the sedimentation process oil, water and solid particles will separate

Centrifuge Process

The oil that has been taken from the barrel then clarified into centrifugal machine

Storage Drum

The Virgin Coconut Oil from the centrifuge machine is then stored in airtight sealed drum or packed in special bottles

THE BENEFITS OF Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is the extraction of coconuts produced to produce organic coconut oil without the increase made from coconuts which are made as the main source of Medium Chain Fatty Acid - MCFA.

Virgin Coconut Oil is very beneficial for the health of infants, children, adults, parents. Suitable for drinking, sweeping all over the body or made hair oil. The best quality of Virgin Coconut Oil is rich LAURIC ACID content up to 50 %. The LAURIC ACID helps increase levels of GOOD CHOLESTEROL (HDL) in your blood. Lauric acid contained in Virgin Coconut Oil can produce energy in a short time without increasing levels of INSULIN, unlike carbohydrates in general. Thus increasing the effectiveness of the use of insulin in the body, maintaining stable insulin levels, and preventing and treating DIABETES TYPE-2 !

Virgin Coconut Oil also contains healthy fats called Medium Chain Fatty Acid - MCFA. MCFA is directly converted into ENERGY without being deposited in the body so that the liver's work is lighter. So it is good for hyper active children and sportsmen.


You can be creative by mixing in your favorite drinks such as coffee, juice or swallowed directly. Make sure you consume enough plain water, to help the process of removing toxins from the body more efficiently and stratified feels more fresh and powerful.


Gargle with 2 (two) tablespoons of organic coconut oil for 10-20 minutes. Your mouth, teeth and gums become healthier and your breath more fresh!


Apply Virgin Coconut Oil to your hair, scalp, hands, feet and entire the body. Cure allergic skin, rashes, cuts or burns. Nourishes and moisturizes your skin, makeup remover and is effectively used as sunblock.


Can be sprayed for cooking, sauteing, or substitute for non cholesterol cooking oil !
Consuming hygienically processed foods, with organic ingredients, one of the tips for maintaining your family's health


Promotes healthy hair and skin, boost immunity and metabolism, helps burn more fat and weight loss, improve memory and brain function, help lower cholesterol and blood pressure


As a natural antioxidant and antibiotic, VCO helps protect your skin from the effects of aging caused by free radicals, making your skin look younger. VCO also nourishes skin tissue so that it can help REDUCE FINE LINES and WRINKLE SKIN. In fact, it is very effectively used by pregnant women to prevent stretch marks!


Sinar Nias Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from mature coconuts without the use of deodorization, heat, bleaching, additives or any other chemical processing, making it natural. Our products come from mature coconuts on the Nias island. We purchase FRESH, MATURED COCONUTS – Coconuts are carefully examined. Coconuts are rejected if they are cracked, growing or have an odour.

1 Litre VCO = 12 Matured Coconuts, it is assumed that to produce 1 litre of Virgin Coconut Oil is required which is around 12 Matured Coconuts.

Processed with healthy and HALAL. All workers MUST adhere to good personal hygiene and use of protective equipment

Without heating and cooling process. The absence of heat and cold during extraction is very important because it maintains the content of Lauric Acid and Medium Chain Fatty Acid - MCFA from oil.

Do not cooked, bleached and hydrogenated. VCO Sinar Nias is a genuine Indonesian product, not purified and natural

Processed using centrifugal machine. By using the centrifugation method, the yield of coconut oil produced is higher. The stability of coconut milk emulsion such as droplet size and viscosity will affect the rate of the process of separation in the emulsion and thus give a clearer and smoother result of coconut oil recovery.

The Sinar Nias VCO has a shelf life of more than 3 years. VCO is not easily oxidized and also has inherent antimicrobial properties. Our Virgin Coconut Oil is stable and does not require cooling.

By participate in using this product, you will not only get healthy life but also support small-scale coconut farmers, creating jobs and ensuring economic growth in affected zone by the earthquake and tsunami